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Contests and Seasonal Events

For Black Friday I prepared a series ads with modern yet sophisticated vibe. Plenty of white space with uniquely juxtaposed product photos play well with the overlaid sale graphics. Vibrant colors used in the sale graphics accentuate those of the products and lend way for the minimal category text to be soft-spoken yet impactful. Being late November and bitter cold across the country I couldn't help but play with the sarcastic headline and the concept of Get It While It's Cold Outside!

I created a nostalgic and carefree retro look for our 12 Days of Christmas social contest. Glorified primary colors represent the 4 different product category themes with literal product illustrations existing amoung holiday iconic elements in a playful manner. Overlaid Headline text gives way to the drawings beneath all on a textured surface achieving a screen-printed feel. Users had to engage with the posts by sharing with 3 friends by tagging them and using the # in additional posts. The promo was a hit and we received great feedback on the imagery that drove it.

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