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Print Campaign | Branding

The new for 2020 Airhead branding is a family premium aesthetic. The foundation of the design utilizes the brand logo at full width to make a bold statement while its emergence from the substantial negative space provides a clean and modern style. The secondary stylized A mark came from my creative need for brand recognition on social media. As soon as it manifested onto Instagram and Facebook, several doors were opened to new possibilities. Before long the mark I created was on our business card and wake surf boards. I had the pleasure of designing the visual identity for a dozen new lake toys for this coming summer season. From the Jet Fighter airplane-tube to the Have a Blast Series, I truly enjoyed researching trends and brainstorming provocative themes to incorporate into my highly detailed tech packages.

I was challenged with developing a universal-purpose hangtag that focused on 3 calls to action. The goal was having consumers connect with the brand on 3 touchpoints after they've purchased a product. Leaving a review, following on social media and providing customer support. After opening the tag, a branded sticker is discovered to create brand enthusiasts and enhance user experience.

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