Yukon Snowshoe Kit | Elite Snowshoe Design

I was thrilled to conceptualize a new look and feel for a Sams Club exclusive Snowshoe Kit and be the account lead for the Yukon #ExperienceWinter campaign. This project allowed me to design every element of branding for a snowshoe kit that would be seen and used by the masses. I created an original PDQ design complete with matching hang tag and even the snowshoe and trekking pole artwork itself.


I came to realize the target consumer's likely hike would be at a snow covered park rather than trekking a thirteener, but the fantasy of a hard core adventure would still be present. Keeping this in mind, I created an authentic and natural outdoor feel for the PDQ using distressed wood grain as the primary visual and added a bright turquoise accent to pop and add modern appeal while getting shoppers attention. For the high-end shoe with Dial Binding System I kept colors to a minimum. Black with a light geometric pattern that provided a technical and expensive look and complimented the sophisticated features of the product. For the Beginner shoe I knew the user would want to feel like they were truly Davey Crocket or Sacagawea without leaving their neighborhood. Therefore I dressed the shoe with a topographic map design equipped with compass that would give users the illusion of being hardcore without necessarily breaking a sweat.