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Summer Fun Campaign: Social Contest & Web Sale Collateral

I love having the creative freedom to design in a playful manner that creates excitement and enthusiasm for a promotion. I was asked to create a 4-panel horizontal grid for a Summer Instagram Contest giving away over $4K in prizes. I worked with our marketing director to strategically pick prizes from 3 of our Brands' product lines whose social presences were going to merge: Watermat, Sportsstuff and Airhead SUP. I engineered a sense of surprise within each panel so that the user would want to swipe and find even more prizes they had a chance to win on the next image. The use of simple and playful design elements paired with comic book style voice bubbles provided a bright and carefree vibe.

I also designed an email blast that promoted Airhead pool floats with a killer photo I was provided by one of our ambassadors. I used a thin-lined frame that created an elegant style and combined it with text to yield a provocative and enticing visual. The reflection of a pool goer’s sunglasses in the photo displayed my Tangerine Pool Float product design flirtatiously. I designed the mouth watering Sportsstuff fruit float series as well as the original packaging concept that celebrates the brand's in-your-face aesthetic.

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